Chapter Awards


Each year the New England HIMSS chapter host an annual event to celebrate a year of successful events and programs but also to recognize those that have dedicated time and effort to the New England Chapter of HIMSS.


We greatly appreciate the time and dedication of all of our board members, sponsors, and speakers for their efforts to share their knowledge with our membership. These awards are for a few outstanding individuals for whom we would like to take a moment for a special thank you.



New England HIMSS Chapter Awards


2023-2024 Chapter Year

Gold Chapter Recognition

2023 Gold Chapter Badge


Changemaker Level of Chapter Advocacy




2022-2023 Chapter Year

Changemaker Level of Chapter Advocacy




Chapter Gold Recognition for the 2022-2023 Year




2021-2022 Chapter Year

HIMSS Chapter Leader of the Year - Amy Chacko (2020)






HIMSS Most Influential Women in Health - Mary Griskewicz (2020)







Changemaker Level of Chapter Advocacy