Mentorship Program


Program Goals

The New England HIMSS Mentorship Program is designed to facilitate conversation between NEHIMSS members that wish to offer advice (Mentors) and those that are looking to solicit advice (Mentees).  This advice could be relating to professional development, learning about different HIT career paths, or potentially many other areas of interest. New applications for mentors and mentees will be accepted between August 1 - September 15, 2023.  The earlier an application is submitted, the earlier a match could possibly occur. Note - membership in the New England chapter of HIMSS is required to participate in the program.


Program Description

The NE HIMSS Mentorship Committee has developed a straightforward application process that prospective Mentees and Mentors will need to fill out for each program year.  The application will help the committee understand the goals and interests of the mentees and the experiences and skills of the mentors.  The committee will then make their best efforts to create matches that best suit both parties involved.

It is understood that there are many factors to a successful match, so we ask each mentee/mentor pair to meet and confirm their interest in working together during the year.   If at any point during the program year the mentee/mentor pair decides the match does not work, either of them can ask the committee to be re-matched.

While most successful matches in the past have met once a month, the frequency and duration of each meeting is entirely up to the pair.  The mentee/mentor pair might find it beneficial to meet in person, but again, the logistics are up to each pair.


Program Requirements


All mentees involved in the program need to be a member of the NE HIMSS chapter and participate solely for their personal and professional development.


All mentors involved in the program need to be a member of the NE HIMSS chapter and participate solely as a way to give back to the NEHIMSS community.

While there are no “formal” criteria to be a mentor, it is expected that anyone seeking to be a mentor in this program will have several years work experience and have sufficient skills and knowledge to be able to help someone earlier in their career.

Many people want to give back but don’t think they have the years of experience in Health IT or might lack certain knowledge, but they can still be a great mentor.  Being willing to listen and offer advice and/or constructive feedback is the key to successful mentoring.

Many professionals who have retired from their career in Healthcare IT can still be a great mentor, even if they haven’t maintained their current connections in the industry.  They have lots of experience, knowledge, and skills that are still very relevant.

If you are unsure if you have the right experience to be a mentor, reach out to the Mentorship committee at and we can help you out.


Program Process



Program Evaluation

The committee has developed some materials to help each mentee/mentor pair to be as successful as possible, but the goal of the committee is not to provide oversight, just guidance.  While some mentee/mentor pairs will appreciate the structure provided by these materials, others might find they get in the way, so how each pair uses these materials will be up to them. While it is recommended that each pair creates goals for themselves, there will be a required evaluation with a simple questionnaire at the end of the year to determine if the program was beneficial to its participants.  These evaluations will help the NE HIMSS board work to continuously improve the program.


Applications are accepted starting on August 1, 2023 and the program will be run from September 2023 to June 2024, with regular check-ins. If a mentee or mentor would like to continue their involvement in the program the following year, they have the option on the application to ask to continue their current pairing, but it is not necessary to do so.


Please click the appropriate link below (depending on whether you want to be a mentee or mentor) and submit your application to be reviewed and matched by the committee.  As soon as the committee has identified a match, the committee will be in touch.

NOTE:  Many people want to be both a mentee and a mentor – that is great.  In that case, please submit both applications.

Mentee link

Mentor link  


Any questions, please send to

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2023-2024 Mentorship program.