WHAT does it mean to be a New England HIMSS Volunteer?


  • Volunteering provide excellent opportunities for professional development, networking and active engagement in our chapter. The New England chapter relies on the efforts of volunteers to help advocate for regional healthcare IT initiatives, manage chapter events, and mentor students and young professionals through the industry.
  • Volunteering takes many forms, it’s up to you how much time to commit! Please read below to determine what best fits your schedule.


WHO should become a New England HIMSS Volunteer?

  • You! Any current New England HIMSS member who is interested in dedicating and sharing their time, experience and insights to the chapter and its members. On a smaller scale, we even need people who are interested in lending a helping hand at events with the registration desk, event setup/breakdown, microphone Q&A duties, etc. If you’re not a current member, we can help with that too and will be happy to discuss options.


WHY should I become a New England HIMSS Volunteer?

  • Becoming a volunteer for the chapter will optimize your membership. Any time that you can dedicate to the chapter is time well spent and is always appreciated! Volunteering in any form, not just for a non-profit organization, is a positive addition to your personal and professional growth.
  • Volunteering is also an excellent way to add new skills and to increase your professional network. Bottom line, volunteering allows you to give back with so many benefits.


WHEN is a good time to become a New England HIMSS Volunteer?

  • Anytime! We always need assistance at events, on committees, and as chapter advocates. Our chapter year runs from July to June, but volunteering can start when you are ready. Please reach out using the below process to learn more about how to get involved.


HOW do I become a New England HIMSS Volunteer?

  • Submit an online form with as much detail as possible, we will ask you questions about preferred contact method(s), interests in types of volunteering, and your commitment availability. One of our Membership Committee members will reach out to you within 30 days of your submission to arrange a discussion to determine where best we can use your talents. Within another month of that discussion, you will be assigned a role which may be on a designated committee, in a pool to help at certain events, or paired as a mentor depending on the needs of the chapter and your interests and availability. If you do not hear from someone within a month of your submission or have a generic question, please feel free to send an e-mail to ne.info@himsschapter.org at any time and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.